Submit a final designed multi-page portfolio using Adobe Illustrator. The final portfolio to be delivered to your selected client should include the following: cover page, table of contents, overview of client, final logo design in black and white and color formats, logo symbol usage, logo usage do’s and don’ts, color specifications, font specifications, stationery items (letterhead, business card, envelope) with brand identity elements, and your rationale for your choices.

Your final portfolio should illustrate how the logo and logo applications meet the client’s needs using psychology of design principles with examples to support your response.

Design the portfolio using the basic elements and principles of design (shape, line, space, color, emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, repetition, flow) using brand identity specifications and elements.

Here is my final Logo Portfolio copysymbol:logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-1logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-2logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-3logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-4logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-5logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-6logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-7logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-8logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-9logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay-10

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Intuos Pro

And here the PDF file, in case you like to see it: logo_portfolio_grey_CLindsay copysymbol