The inspiration to create my logo design came from two different moments during this term. The choice of colors was made in Module Three where we needed to analyze two logos. As I wrote on that occasion:

“… Reading the topic “Relationships on the pigment color wheel” about the relationship of the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow) I learned that if they are used together as a color palette they create a feeling of nostalgia or childlike innocence. So, a famous and iconic logo came to my mind:”


I decided at that moment that I wanted to apply primary colors since I was creating a logo for a children school.

The second inspirational moment happened when I was reading Chapter 11 of our textbook. Studying designs from Sterling Brands Agency was very intriguing because they all had something in common: unity. The Burger King logo was the one which trigged my creativity:


I thought very nice the text juxtaposing with the buns – so, I wanted to create something similar and I ended up with this:


Of course, it didn’t work.

I had to rethink a way to merge the text and the visual, seamlessly. Then, after some brainstorms I got what I was looking for:copysymbol


Finally, mixing all elements with valuables feedback I received through the term, I could create the final version of the logo for Lil’ Guppies Scuba School: copysymbol


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Intuos Pro

It was a very fun class!